Driving the Industry Forward

The Age of Experience


Will Halliday – Head of Strategy Today’s CMO knows that brands are not just built upon what they say or how they look, but on how they behave and what they do. The consumer is firmly in control and the traditional advertising ‘push’ is much less effective. Consumers will choose to spend time with brands… View Article

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Mindfulness is the new yoga

Cropped image of business woman practicing yoga in the office

Jayne Cook – Executive Producer Meditation and mental wellbeing are now taught in our schools. So, what can it offer in the workplace for you, your colleagues and your clients? Gelong Thubten has been a Tibetan Buddhist monk for more than 20 years. He teaches monthly classes at Google’s headquarters in Dublin and says there… View Article

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The Pixel Puzzle

envelope symbol

Dylan McLaughlin – Producer Vision systems and video standards are complex. At a consumer level we are bombarded with technical specifications in an attempt to sell the latest and greatest. At an events level we are producing bigger and better digital content and pushing the boundaries of available technologies. While this is an extremely technical… View Article

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