What Back To The Future II Got Right?

On October 21, 2015, Marty McFly in his flying car will return to save his family! That’s if you believed the 1989 hit film Back to the Future 2!

The first 30 mins of this film provides an uncanny comparison to the real 2105 we live in. While it was a futuristic fantasy film, some predictions have come to pass in those 36 years – including at our offices in GPJ.

Check these out:

GPJ’s global client Tesla Motors is working on the Automated Gas Stations

In the film Marty is eaten by a 3D Shark hologram for the film preview of Jaws 19. Projection and Holograms are now a mainstream part of major event delivery and our sister agency Spinifex is the world leader in creating 3D projection content. You’d remember thair amazing work on the 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony, and their work for VIVID Sydney and the Opera House projection mapping still continues to amaze.

Live Show Reel video by Spinifex

TV Glasses – not simply for TV watching as in the movie, but virtual reality TV is here. GPJ Australia’s digital team has been working with Oculas Rift technology for over 12 months now, testing and developing the latest technology to implement in upcoming experiential executions. Some interesting consumer campaigns have all ready been launched with NRMA working with its advertising agency to produce:


The Hoverboards still have a way to go, and GPJ doesn’t have any, dammit – that’s WH&S rules for you. But watch Tony Hawke ply his trade on the thsi prototype Hoverboard for an insight into a very bright future.

Hovering drones seemed so cool back then. Now they’re everywhere! In the movie we see USA Today report the news from hovering drones. Drone technology has rapidly moved forward over the last 10 years and GPJ is now using drones to capture high quality content and testing is still being done by companies like Amazon and DHL delivery tools.

Video Conferencing – Skype, Facetime, Webex and Air are just an everyday part of doing business. The film couldn’t have been more correct about 2015.


Watch here for automated petrol machines, 3D Holograms, Hoverboards and more… It’s a classic film.



I wonder what we’ll be using in another 36 year’s time in the year 2051?

Whatever it is, fantastic creativity and the drive for productivity will be behind it. Values that are front-and-centre at GPJ.




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