Digital Design? What is it?

Digital Design? What is it?


We live in a world where digital interfaces are now part and parcel of our life. From our watches to our phones, TV, cars and even our books.


So why do we constantly ignore the time and money we as businesses spend on digital design? Why do we treat digital like a side of french fries when you order a meal and not the meal itself when it has become part of our lives just like the air we breath.

Is it because we still don’t understand what digital is, or do we believe it is not relevant in our marketing campaigns because our audience will not understand it. I believe its a mixture of both and here is why.


The other night at dinner I met a person who is in charge of in store marketing activation for one of the big two grocery stores. The conversation naturally turned to digital and promotions in store and her insight was that customers don’t spend more than 4seconds in front of any signage while shopping, therefore digital design is out – referring to digital signage. At that point she made a comment as to why she would not spend her money with me. That’s the point of our conversation where I felt my friend did not understand what digital was. Digital to her is a backlit panel with lights and sound, that comes in the shape of a 42 inch rectangle that you can watch. Not an engaging touch-point – not tech, not advertising but a touch-point – that would enhance the shoppers experience. Why is it that digital is only conceived as a TV or computer screen that needs to be watched?


For example, surely an iPad in the cheese aisle with an interface that lets you select a particular vintage or brand which would than tell you what that cheese tastes like and how to cook with it would be an enhanced customer experience. This experience would than trigger your creative cook and all of a sudden your racing down the Italian aisle, picking up pasta and grabbing fresh basil to make pesto, instead of coming in to just grab cheese for your planned evening of canned tuna bake.


Or why couldn’t NFC devices promote shopper loyalty with unique promotions to the shoppers mobile phones, or smart watch. Why are we limited to the shop itself and should we not start thinking about promotions in car parks. As we pull in does our car read a text message from our favorite grocery store and informs us of our favorite item being on sale.


Digital design shouldn’t be referred to as digital design and that’s the problem, it’s part of the eco system of a customer experience and resembles a touch-point. And that touch-point is whatever we want it to be, when we start a campaign we may not know what touch-point will be digital, but with the amount of digital interfaces in our lives you can surely bet our customers will be using it.


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