St. George Kick Start Pop-Up


The St. George Kick Start program supports startup businesses with generous grants, but St. George wanted an evolution of the program to really kick start new businesses by giving them a live retail opportunity in key markets.


GPJ devised an integrated campaign, Kick Start Pop-Up, engaging small business startups via a competition website designed by GPJ, from which winners would have a designed, built and branded high profile pop-up shop in Westfield shopping centres. GPJ designed the modular pop-up shop kit, enhanced the branding for the startups with marketing consultation and design services, project managed, built and delivered the Kick Start Pop-Ups in Perth, Brisbane and Parramatta. GPJ also devised the tablet-based NPS survey for all locations.


The results for the winning startups were excellent, exposing online businesses to real-world retail and customers. St. George amplified and authenticated its genuine commitment to the startups segment by demonstrating in reality why it should be the first point of call for startup businesses. Retail customer public perceptions about St. George were enhanced in NPS metrics from seeing a bank fulfil its promises with personality and style, for one of its key customer segments.

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