Toyota National Business Meeting


GPJ were tasked with conceiving, developing and delivering the Toyota National Business Meeting in April 2016, which included two business sessions, a welcome night cocktail party and a salon that exhibited 9 new initiatives within Toyota.


The theme of the National Business Meeting was ‘One by One’ which was all about the guest experience. Taking that as our lead with over 400 delegates attending nationally and a VIP contingent from overseas, GPJ produced not only an engaging show theorising on how to make the guests the focus of the organisation, but physically demonstrated that through seamless registration, hospitality and gifting to all attendees.

The two business sessions were set apart through stage design, content and program. Day 1 was focussed around the sales and marketing message and Day 2 was re-set to include a revolving stage, doors in the LED wall and supported by a guest facilitator, Ellen Fanning, who acted as the guest walking the audience through the lifecycle.

Each and every touch point of the event delivered a unique experience through design, build, special effects, animation & hospitality.


This was a national business meeting like no other. There was no car reveal. This was purely a business meeting to talk about sales and marketing strategy and the next phase of Franchise of the Future. The content deliverables alone took a dedicated team of 10 people resulting in hundreds of hours of work. In addition to this the production team, design, logistics, script and strategy delivered an outstanding combined experience for all of the delegates.

The theme of One by One has continued throughout the year and the National Business Meeting created a really strong foundation for this fundamental change in the business.

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