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The key objective was to create an event that was sympathetic with the global event look and feel, whilst creating an event experience unlike any other the audience had been exposed to. The environment needed to be engaging, inspiring and support the connection of attendees. LinkedIn’s desire was to be seen as a leader, providing relevant and informative information within the framework of a fun and innovative environment.


In order to create a truly memorable event that engaged, inspired and supported the connection of attendees and ideas raised at the event, GPJ created an event experience that brought together key aspects of theatre, interactivity and immersion.

The strategy was to create an experience that attendees were immersed in, one which connected the senses at every level, be they sight, sound, taste etc.
A dramatic stage set based around a large 7m x 4m(h) tracking led screen enabled us to take the audience on a journey as the bespoke opening video set the scene both as an event in Sydney and part of a greater global rollout. This rich vista was then punctuated by the edgy sounds of the beatboxer Genesis and the accompanying responsive visuals that adorned the panoramic screen.

No sooner had Genesis finished, there was the unexpected parting of the huge screen to reveal a 4m high LinkedIn InBug logo and the MC for the event…and now the scene was set for the rest of the day.
Whether the audience were in a keynote session, a breakout or the InLounge participating in an array of interactive experiences, the environment was continually changing to reveal another layer or experience.


As guardians of the event, brand and experience GPJ looked at the event not just from a creative, production or delivery point of view, but rather from an holistic one. Understanding how the various parts of the event engaged with the audience was essential in creating an event with a lasting impression.

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