Yonex Live at the Australian Open


As the official racquet stringing partner for the Australian Open, Yonex provided a high-quality stringing service for the world’s top tennis players throughout the tournament.

Yonex wanted to leverage this platform to increase brand awareness around the importance of tennis strings to both adult and junior tennis fans.


Tennis is still popular amongst young fans and players. Although due to a changing social climate and trends, this same audience are looking for changes to keep them intrigued and engaged within their sport. They are wanting to see new details in their sport that appeal to their culture/lifestyle.


In the spirit of the Australian Open, we created an interactive and shareable game that used a tension meter to emulate your favourite Yonex players racquet tension. Pull on the Yonex strings and feel the precision, strength and concentration needed to hit a winner, shot after shot. The right string tension means precision, and precision always wins.

An algorithm calibrated your strength to determine if you are a child or an adult to set a handicap so every player, no matter their strength had an opportunity to get involved and win the prize.


In 14 days, the “String Performance” activation provided over 125 hours of attendee entertainment and educated over 20,000 players on the Yonex product range and science behind the strings.

Social coverage garnered over 124,250 impressions, giving Yonex a huge share-of-voice throughout the Australian Open.

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